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X-PAND™ Audio Technology:
Motorola’s special voice compression and expansion technology called X-PAND™ enables crisper, clearer and stronger audio quality, allowing you to keep communicating, even in any noisy environment.

Battery Strength Indicator:
Easy-to-read on-screen LCD display indicator alerting user on battery strength.

Name & Tone Tagging:
Capability to assign up to 8 unique ring tones to different users/talkgroups, and the visual caller ID display makes caller identification possible.

Received Signal Strength Indicator:
A very user-friendly feature to display radio signal strength in the vicinity where you operate in.

Clock and Reminder Alarm:
Set time stamp on incoming recorded messages; Or, set the alarm to remind user of important appointments.

14-Character Alpha Numeric Dot Matrix Display:
Clear and easy to read text display.

Emergency Siren:
Easy-to-access, one-touch button with piercing alarm to seek help in critical situations.

Field Retrofit Option Boards:
Easy to install, affordable add-on functionality whenever your needs arise. Option Boards are available for:

  • DTMF Decode for in-coming calls capability.
  • Voice Storage for recording and playing back voice messages.
  • Mandown Alert for triggering an emergency procedure when the radio is horizontal or still for a pre-defined time. Ideal for radio users who work alone or in isolated environments.


Battery Options:
Flexible choice of batteries:

  • NiCD Battery
  • High Capacity NiMH Battery
  • Ultra High Capacity NiMH Battery
  • Factory Mutual Approved NiCD & NiMH Batteries

Powerful impresTM Smart Energy Solution The impresTM Smart Energy System helps battery maintenance, predicts end-of-service life and provides real-time battery usage information.

Enhanced Signalling Features:
The GP338 two way radio supports these three signalling protocols:

  1. MDC1200:
    • PTT-ID
    • Voice Selective Call
    • Selective Radio Inhibit
    • Status/Messages
    • Call Alert
    • Radio Check
    • Emergency
  2. Quik Call II:
    • Call Alert
    • Voice Selective Call
  3. Dual Tone Multiple Frequency (DTMF) Signalling Encode Other GP338 Features:
    • Channel Scan
    • Time-Out-Timer
    • PL / DPL
    • Busy Channel Lockout
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